Goker Ariyak
Research Engineer II; IEN/GEDC
IEN Cleanroom Systems Software
Devin Brown
E-Beam Support Lead; IEN
Dr. Hang Chen
Cleanroom Process & Instructional Support Manger; IEN
Jacob Cronin
Research IT Support Engineer; IEN
Lila Dahal
Process-Equipment Engineer II; IEN Cleanroom
Research Engineer II; IEN
Alex Gallmon
Process Equipment Engineer III; IEN Cleanroom
Jason Herrington
IEN IT Systems Support Engineer Manager
Wade Johnson; IEN
IEN Facilities Manager II
Thomas Averette
IEN Cleanroom Controls Lead
Paul Joseph
Principal Research Scientist
Chenze Liu |  Research Scientist II
Research Scientist II | IEN & IMat
Michael Marlowe
Web Developer I
Rebhadevi Monikandan
IEN/MCF AFM & Spectroscopy Support; AFM, XPS, Raman
Julie Nguyen
Lab and Facilities Coordinator
Tran-Vinh Nguyen
IEN Cleanroom Plasma / Litho Team Lead
Seung-Joon Paik
Teaching Lab Coordinator; IEN
Nik Roeske
Process-Equipment Engineer I; IEN Cleanroom
Bob Rose
IEN Infrastructure Systems and Construction
IEN Laser Lab Lead
Charlie Suh
IEN Laboratory Operations Lead
Dean C. Sutter
IEN Cleanroom Advanced Diagnostics Lead
Mikkel Thomas
Cleanroom Process Engineering Lead; IEN
Research Associate I; Georgia Electronic Design Center
Ethan Thomas
Process-Equipment Engineer II; IEN
Mengkun Tian
Research Scientist II; IEN & IMat
Charlie Turgeon
IEN Cleanroom / Laboratory Access & Coordination
Erika Tyburski
Program & Operations Manager (ACME-POCT)
IEN/MCF EM Support and Upkeep; SEM, TEM
Andrew Watkins
IEN Cleanroom Lab Technician I
Christopher White
Packaging and Assembly Lead (GT-PRC)
Cleanroom Process Engineering; IEN