Goker Ariyak
Research Engineer II; IEN/GEDC
IEN Cleanroom Systems Software
Devin Brown
E-Beam Support Lead; IEN
Christopher Carter
Process-Equipment Engineer II
Dr. Hang Chen
Cleanroom Process & Instructional Support Manger; IEN
Jacob Cronin
Research IT Support Engineer; IEN
Lila Dahal
Process-Equipment Engineer II; IEN Cleanroom
Research Engineer II; IEN
Alex Gallmon
Process Equipment Engineer III; IEN Cleanroom
Jason Herrington
IEN IT Systems Support Engineer Manager
Wade Johnson; IEN
IEN Facilities Manager II
Thomas Averette
IEN Cleanroom Controls Lead
Paul Joseph
Principal Research Scientist
Michael Marlowe
Web Developer I
Rebhadevi Monikandan
IEN/MCF AFM & Spectroscopy Support; AFM, XPS, Raman
Julie Nguyen
Lab and Facilities Coordinator
Tran-Vinh Nguyen
IEN Cleanroom Plasma / Litho Team Lead
Pratik Nimbalkar
Research Engineer I
Seung-Joon Paik
Teaching Lab Coordinator; IEN
Nik Roeske
Process-Equipment Engineer I; IEN Cleanroom
IEN Laser Lab Lead
Charlie Suh
IEN Laboratory Operations Lead
Dean C. Sutter
IEN Cleanroom Advanced Diagnostics Lead
Research Associate I; Georgia Electronic Design Center
Mikkel Thomas
Associate Director for Education and Outreach, Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology
Mengkun Tian
Research Scientist II; IEN & IMat
Charlie Turgeon
IEN Cleanroom / Laboratory Access & Coordination
Erika Tyburski
Program & Operations Manager (ACME-POCT)
IEN/MCF EM Support and Upkeep; SEM, TEM
Christopher White
Packaging and Assembly Lead (GT-PRC)
Michelle Wu
Research Scientist I
Cleanroom Process Engineering; IEN