Interdisciplinary Research

We aim to leverage the strengths of faculty and researchers across the Institute to address research problems that cannot be solved without a transdisciplinary focus. Through our 10 Interdisciplinary Research Institutes, the Pediatric Technology Center, the Global Center for Medical Innovation, the Novelis Innovation Hub, and the Center for Advanced Brain Imaging, Georgia Tech students and faculty address questions in areas such as:

  • Sustainability, climate and energy
  • Living systems
  • Human health and activity
  • Materials and products
  • Computation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning

Current Initiatives

The office of the Vice President for Interdisciplinary Research (VPIR) strives to galvanize the research strengths of faculty across Georgia Tech and advance collaboration with the National Labs, other colleges and universities including Minority-Serving Institutions, corporate partners, community organizations, and local, state and federal governmental agencies. The VPIR’s team helps develop research collaborations across Georgia Tech and supports the translation of fundamental research to meet societal needs and accelerate technology and knowledge transfer. The office of the VPIR works closely with the office of the Vice President for Research Development and Operations and the office of Federal Relations to identify federal funding opportunities and guide faculty responses to them.

Many of Georgia Tech’s faculty are engaged in interdisciplinary research that tackles national and international challenges and questions related to climate change and clean energy; public health; biotechnology and the bioeconomy; artificial intelligence; quantum information science; advanced manufacturing; and semiconductors. To that end, the VPIR also supports the administration of interdisciplinary research at Georgia Tech, including supporting IRI programming and fiscal management, prioritizing career development for research faculty and staff; and amplifying the impact of IRI-led research with proactive communications and representation in national thought leadership roles.

Interdisciplinary Research Institutes

Interdisciplinary Research Institutes (IRIs) enable researchers to achieve goals that cannot be met within other structures at Georgia Tech. Faculty and students from all six colleges and 28 schools as well as GTRI participate in IRI activities, combining their different sources of expertise, interests, and approaches to pose new research questions, respond to existing challenges, and advance technology to improve the human condition. 

Please visit the 2021 Highlights page to learn more about some of the IRIs' recent accomplishments.

IRI Mission

Interdisciplinary Research Institutes bring together researchers from different disciplines to address topics of strategic importance to Georgia Tech. Each IRI mobilizes faculty to address the needs of external stakeholders (federal, state and local entities, corporations, foundations, communities) by fostering an institute-wide innovation ecosystem around a specific focus. IRIs translate research into specific outcomes such as technology transfer, education, and outreach. They make faculty more competitive for extramural funds by providing equipment, space, and staff support to develop bold new approaches to critical problems, and they provide students with hands-on, experiential learning in a research environment. IRIs represent long term GT priorities.