The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Core facility is open to all researchers within the Georgia Tech community. Assistance and training may be requested, however it must be scheduled at least one week in advance. Available MRI studies include the following focus: molecular imaging, cardiac imaging, development of new contrast agents, and biomedical engineering.

The Bruker Pharmascan 7T features the following:

  • 7T superconducting magnet, with a bore of 160 mm
  • Gradient system (i.d. 90 mm). The maximum Gradient strength is 300 mT/m
  • RF resonator (i.d. 38 mm) optimized for the study of small rodents
  • RF resonator (i.d. 60 mm) for the study of larger objects
  • Several Transmit/Receive Surface coil for the study of small areas on large objects
  • Animal beds and anesthesia unit
  • Animal monitoring system


  • Instrument Time: $110 per hour
  • Assistance: $80 per hour

NMRI-MR is also open for research conducted outside of Georgia Tech. Please inquire about additional rates.


Petit Institute Basement, Room 0404


Johannes Leisen | 404.894.9241


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Bruker PharmaScan 7T MRI Scanner