Histology is defined as the microscopic study of tissue; however, with the advancement of technology, we are able to examine almost everything on a microscopic level. While routine histology is practiced at various clinical and core sites, the Petit Institute’s research histology core separates itself from the norm by focusing more on research-based histology. Many of our samples are engineered and non-routine; therefore, more time is needed to optimize and customize protocols to produce ideal results.

Equipped with an expert histologist, the research histology core allows the visualization, identification, and qualitative and quantitative analysis of cellular, tissue, and structural morphology of a wide array of samples. With state-of-the-art equipment, the core is able to perform the fixation, decalcification, processing, embedding, sectioning, and staining of routine and non-routine samples.  Some of our non-routine samples include calcified bone, pseudo-wood, various types of hydrogels, microneedles, coral reef, plant samples, paper, textile, metal stints, alginate beads, granite, and various engineered tissue samples.

Users can be trained by the lab manager to perform work in the histology core, or a project request can be made for the lab manager to complete specific histology projects.  There is a fee for every service performed in the histology core. All lab manager projects have an extra hourly charge associated with them, and for environmental purposes, we are 100% paperless!

When you can't find a protocol to help advance your histology project to the next step, contact the Petit Institute’s research histology core for help!