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Decontamination and Sterilization

Location: Petit Institute, Room 3332

For new users in SUMS you must:

  1. Have a GT Account
  2. Log into SUMS at
  3. Become a member of a Billing Group*
  4. Watch the training video for the Washer and Dryer**

*In order to be a part of a Billing group, your PI must add you to the billing group. If your PI’s billing group isn’t present, then please FIRST have your Principal Investigator (PI) log into SUMS (so that they have an account) and THEN submit feedback (click on a white dot in the bottom right of the screen) requesting the new billing group to be added along with who is the Principal Investigator.


If your research group is already in SUMS just search for their laboratory name in the search bar, click the result that pops up (that represents your lab group or it has the PI’s name next to it) and select “Request Entry to BG”.

** In order to view the training video, you must first join Decontamination and Sterilization equipment group. On the blue line under the yellow too bar, click the link there, and in the search bar type in “Decontamination and Sterilization”. Click “More info” on the result that pops up, then click “become a member”, and select “Request access”. You should instantly be approved and accepted into the Decontamination and Sterilization equipment group.

In the blue bar, select “Equipment”, click either the “Speed Queen Washer” or “Speed Queen Dryer”. Select the “Training” tab and watch the video.

NOTE: Since the Washer and Dryer are two separate pieces of equipment, yet they are still connected, you only have to watch the training video once either under the Speed Queen Washer or under the Speed Queen Dryer in order to complete the training for both of them. Depending on which piece of equipment you watch the training video on, that equipment will pop up in the “Authorized Equipment” section on your Dashboard in SUMS. To get authorized for the other piece of equipment, find the corresponding piece and select the “Training” tab. That should automatically give you access to that equipment!

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