Core Capabilities

Optical Microscopy Laser scanning Spinning disk confocal Multi-photon excitation upright Lightsheet Widefield
  Multi-photon excitation inverted Super resolution SIM Super resolution PALM Swept field confocal TIRF microscopy
Cellular Analysis and Cytometry Flow Cytometry (18-color Fluorescence Detection Systems) Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (2-way, 4-way, 96 well plate with index sorting) In cell Westerns & Western Blot Analysis Cellular impedance analysis (Neuronal & Cardiomyocyte Differentiation)

Extracellular environmental analysis (Extracellular Action Potential)

Histology Paraffin and Resin Automatic & Manual Tissue Processing Cryogenic, Paraffin & Resin Embedding Paraffin, Resin and Cryo-Microtomy Diamond Saw Sectioning Hematoxylin & Eosin Stain, Special Stains and Immunohistochemistry
  Antigen Retrieval Exakt Grinding System Slides Histology Consulting & Training Grossing Plant Histology
  Sample Decalcification Tissue Fixation Coverslipping Protocol Optimization  
Biomolecular analysis Laser capture microdissection Gel, blot and tissue Imaging PCR Analysis Freeze drying Florescence absorbance and luminescence analysis
  Scintillation counting High-performance and ultracentrifugation Nucleofection Sample homogenization In vivo imaging (fluorescence and bioluminescence)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Small Animal MRI Engineering Applications of MRI Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy flow-MRI MRI technology
Molecular evolution and HT DNA Sequencing Genome Sequencing Library preparation/construction Plasmid sequencing Sanger sequencing Next Gen sequencing
  RNASeq Automated sample Handling Phage Display Cloning Fragment Analysis
  Yeast Surface Display Automated Colony picking Library screening Automated gel extraction Oligonucleotide synthesis
  Bacterial Surface Display Custom ELISA Error Prone PCR Bioanalyzer; DNA; RNA; Protein Electroporation
  Custom Selection Systems Design scFvs Qiacube DNA; RNA; Protein Purification Colony Picking Custom Sequencing Libraries
  Competent Bacterial Cells        
Biopolymer characterization HPLC FPLC Circular dichroism/fluorescence Size exclusion chromatography Multimode DLS
  Ultracentrifugation Multimode DSF Stopped flow highthrougput absorbance/fluorescence /chemiluminescence ITC
  Stop flow kinetics analysis Analytical ultracentrifugation Protein stability analysis High-performance and ultracentrifugation  
Neuro Design Suite Intracellular single cell electrophysiology recording Extracellular electrophysiology recording Microelectrode fabrication Viral (nano-particle) injection Cell cultures
Systems mass spectrometry Proteomics Metabolomics FT-ICR Analysis    
Genome analysis qRT-PCR & RT-PCR Nucleofection Single cell isoation (large sample number) Single cell isolation (small sample number) Digital drop PCR
Micro cT Sample cT in vivo cT 3D reconstruction of cT slices cT image analysis  
Biomechanics Compression testing Uniaxial tensile testing Uniaxial Torsion testing Cyclic fatigue testing Flexural testing
Applied Bioinformatics Bioinformatics Computational genomics Transcriptomics analysis Molecular typing Machine learning and biostatistical analysis
3D Medical Fabrication 3D printing Fabrication of medical grade parts Fabrication of biocompatible parts    
Bioanalytical mass spectrometry Lipidomics Small molecule MS MALDI Chemical imaging