Conference Room Reservation Instructions

IBB Conference Rooms

IBB has six conference rooms available on a first come, first served basis. Reservation requests will automatically be approved if the room is available during the requested time. Reservations will be limited to the current academic year (through July 31 each year).  

First Floor Conference Rooms 
  • 1316 – capacity 25 (equipment in room: video display screen, webcam, PC, and adapters to plug in laptop) 
  • 1317 – capacity 8 (no equipment in room) 
Second Floor Conference Rooms 
  • 2316 – capacity 25 (equipment in room: video display screen, webcam, PC, and adapters to plug in laptop) 
  • 2317 – capacity 8 (no equipment in room) 
Third Floor Conference Rooms 
  • 3316 – capacity 25 (equipment in room: video display screen, webcam, PC, and adapters to plug in laptop) 
  • 3317 – capacity 8 (no equipment in room) 

Important reminders for use of conference rooms throughout the year: 

  • There is a high demand for the meeting rooms in IBB and meetings may be scheduled back-to-back. To be considerate of others, be punctual with your start and end times. 
  • If you change the setup of a conference room to accommodate your reservation, it is your responsibility to return the room to its original state. 
  • You are responsible for the cleanliness of conference rooms (especially if food/beverages are served), ensure the room is cleaned before your departure. 
  • IBB strives to be eco-conscious. Using compostable serving ware for catering orders is preferred and helium-filled balloons are not permitted in the building due to the global helium shortage.

Conference room AV equipment:

  • Each of the 25-person capacity conference rooms are equipped with a PC with a web camera mounted on the TV and a USB speaker phone for video conferences.
  • Laptops can be connected wirelessly through "Solstice" or using an HDMI connector. Please follow the posted instructions carefully when using the AV. 
  • A webcam and USB speaker phone are available to check out no less than 48 hours prior your meeting/event from Randy Johnson in room 1125 if you prefer to conference with your own computer. 

Reservation Instructions

  • After clicking on the "Reserve IBB Conference Rooms" link below, click the “login in” link at the top right of the screen, and login using your GT credentials. If not logged in, users will receive an error message when saving a reservation.
  • Use the center drop-down box to select conference rooms by floor. 
  • Click on the desired meeting start time on the requested date to open the meeting reservation form. Complete all fields in the form and select “save.” 
  • For a meeting series, you will have the option to “skip conflicts” which means if the room is unavailable for one or more days during the requested series it will skip the conflicting dates and reserve the rest. It is the user’s responsibility to note the “skipped dates” and make alternate arrangements.  

 System Tips 

  • An individual conference room schedule can be viewed by clicking on the room number or updating the drop-down box from “all” to the selected room number. 
  • Room calendars can be viewed by day, week, or monthly views by clicking on each of those options. 
  • When looking for available dates a forward and backward arrow is available for scrolling through days. If you want to view several months out, click on the date next to “go to” in the top right of the page and select a future date. 

If you have questions, please contact