Working With RBI

A number of Interdisciplinary Research Institutes (IRIs) connect the Georgia Tech research community. Each IRI brings together a mix of researchers – spanning colleges, departments, and individual labs – around a single core research area. The IRIs create transformative opportunities, strengthen collaborative partnerships, and maximize the societal impact of the exciting research being done at Georgia Tech.

Both government and industry work with our IRIs to connect with a large portfolio of academic and applied research programs, to create and use novel research laboratories, to interact with Georgia Tech students, and to collaborate with other industry partners.

Since its inception as the Institute of Paper Chemistry in the fall of 1929, industry collaboration and support has been critical to the production of a diverse and successful portfolio of research in the areas of paper science and beyond.

Today, we continue to recognize the importance of partnering with industry executives for the advancement of science and technology in the renewable arena.

RBI’s unique multi-million dollar endowment sponsors students whose research aligns with our mission in the use of renewables and the advancement of the bioeconomy. This type of funding enables us to share results more freely than is typical for government- and industry-funded research.

The accessibility of our researchers – and students – also allows companies to provide direct input when tailoring our programs and future research projects. This can be of great benefit in an age where research and development departments in private industry are dwindling.