Research Focus Areas

Our researchers understand that solving complex problems requires combining the input of diverse groups, creating transformative opportunities by strengthening collaborative partnerships in order to maximize the impact of their research on society. 

During the past decade, we have broadened our bioproducts research to include creating new biochemical and innovative packaging, leveraging nanocellulose in sustainable materials, reducing the manufacturing cost of existing and new papers and developing platforms for imaginative applications. As a result, Georgia Tech is now positioned to better serve the development of new forest-based economies and enhance the global competitiveness of companies operating in a variety of markets.

But it is not our faculty alone changing the landscape of research.  Some of the best and brightest student minds in the world are participating in groundbreaking work in a variety of areas, including Paper Science & Engineering. This multidisciplinary degree covers engineering and science involved in the production of paper, tissue and other products from natural fiber. Each year, dozens of students apply to the program by working with a faculty member willing to offer sponsorship. Fellowship funding is provided for those selected.

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