Obtaining Fellowship Funding

The Renewable Bioproducts Institute at Georgia Tech benefits from a substantial endowment, which began in 1929 to advance the forest products industry through leadership development and graduate research that addresses current and future needs of this industry.  The endowment over the years has produced more than 1,500 graduate scientists and a growing body of scientific research. The research mission of RBI includes technologies that produce chemicals, biofuels and new materials from forest raw materials including nanocellulose, and the recently awarded fellowships have reflected this evolving portfolio. 

Leveraging fellowships to explore new areas of research and to provide matching funds for Federal and other external funding is encouraged and can be a significant benefit to faculty.

Each year, the executive director of RBI issues a Request for Proposals (RFP) to Georgia Tech faculty. Fellowships are awarded to eligible faculty based on alignment with the strategic thrusts of Georgia Tech and RBI, and the research priorities in the bioeconomy.

Selection of RBI Fellowship Proposals for Funding.  Faculty research proposals and abstracts prepared for sharing with industry are reviewed through the following process:

A.   Proposals may be reviewed by peer faculty.  Their assessments and recommendations will be compiled by the RBI executive director.

B.   The proposed project abstracts will be distributed to RBI member companies for project ranking (reminder to proposing faculty: do not include confidential information).  A compilation of responses will be prepared by the RBI executive director and shared with the Faculty Committee.

C.   With these independent reviews and industry input, the Faculty Committee will recommend to the RBI executive director a ranked list of proposals for funding.  The RBI executive director will finalize selection of projects for funding and will communicate the selection to the principal investigators, Georgia Tech, the RBI member companies, and the public through the RBI website and other media. The project titles and PI’s of winning projects will be announced on the RBI website.


Carson Meredith
Executive Director, RBI
Professor and J. Carl Pirkle Sr. Faculty Fellow
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