Bioproducts Overview

​Bioproducts research at RBI builds on decades of experience collaborating with pulp and paper manufacturers – extending today into a broad array of industries interested in creating value from forest and agricultural materials. The spectrum of bioproducts research at RBI spans operational excellence of existing pulp and paper manufacturing assets to creating new products. RBI is helping companies become more efficient and cost effective in their operations – and develop value added products for the future.

Along that continuum, forest biology research at RBI is improving tree stands. Our scientists are working on black liquor evaporation for pulping and chemical recovery – elimination of fouling as cost. We’re developing membranes for concentrating black liquor. RBI researchers are working with industry on removing VOCs from air emissions and eliminating contamination from recycled fiber waste streams. And we’re pursuing efficiencies such as energy cost reduction.

RBI is also working with industry toward manufacturing value added products from lignocellulose. Imagine, for example, printing on film that enables packaging to include electronic encryption for radio frequency information, advertising and more, or a thin film newspaper with dynamic images.

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Chris Luettgen
Professor of the Practice and Associate Director, RBI
Renewable Bioproducts Institute
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Donggang Yao
Materials Science and Engineering
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