2024 Spring Workshop on The Emerging Bioeconomy and the Future of Biorefining


Poster Session Guidelines

RBI will hold a Spring 2024 Workshop on the topic of “The Emerging Bioeconomy and the Future of Biorefining” on Monday and Tuesday, March 4 & 5th in the Georgia Tech Campus. The poster session is intended to provide industry interaction for RBI fellows and to communicate the breadth of research supported by RBI. Even if a project is just getting started this year, it is a good opportunity to share the project scope and goals and receive useful feedback.  

The poster session is on Monday, March 4, from 5 PM to 6 PM EST, in-person, and will be followed by a banquet dinner with keynote presentation.   


Who Should Participate? 

All RBI Fellows should participate, even if the topic doesn't involve bioeconomy, as the purpose is to showcase the full breadth of work going on with RBI.     

Poster Display   

RBI Fellows will present their posters in-person.  They will be viewed by invited industry collaborators, external guests, and Georgia Tech faculty members.   

Poster Preparation

The poster may consist of images, illustrations, plots, descriptive material, and technical information.  Emphasis should be placed on originality of the content, technical excellence, education value, and practical application. Please note:

  • If you are working on confidential or restricted projects, please focus on capabilities and public knowledge.  The attending guests are not bound by a confidentiality agreement.  
  • We encourage a font size above 20 pt.  
  • Poster size should not exceed 36 x42 inchesRBI is not able to print posters, you may print at the library on campus.
  • Feel free to arrange the material as you wish.   
  • Be prepared to present an overview of the work in 5 minutes or less.  

Thank you in advance for participating and for the work you will invest in preparing your posters.  In doing so, you provide a highly valued contribution to the Institute and to the workshop.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Terri Sapp at terri.sapp@rbi.gatech.edu.



An event connecting researchers with company executives searching for innovative solutions in the area of Bioeconomy and Biorefining