2021 Circular Paper and Packaging Virtual Workshop

2021 Circular Paper and Packaging Virtual Workshop

Join us for a Circular Paper and Packaging Virtual Workshop, April 1-2, sponsored by Georgia Tech's Renewable Bioproducts Institute. 
The workshop will feature talks from WestRockPrintpackForest Products LaboratoryGreenblueNCASITwo Sides, and Georgia Tech.

April 1 session:  1:00pm - 3:45pm EDT

April 2 session:  10:00am - 12pm EDT


In this workshop we will explore several key questions: 

(1) How is paper-based packaging already approaching circularity?  What are the challenges that need to be addressed? 
(2) How can paper- and fiber-based products be used to substitute for single-use plastics?  

We will hear from a panel of experts that includes:
Pat Lindner (Westrock)
Megan Robison (Printpack)
Kathi Rowzie (TwoSides)
Nina Goodrich (GreenBlue)
Caroline Gaudreault (NCASI)

Jinwu Wang (Forest Products Laboratory, USDA)
Blair Brettmann (ChBE, Georgia Tech)

Meisha Shofner (MSE, Georgia Tech)
Bernard Kippelin (ECE, Georgia Tech)
Chris Muhlstein (MSE, Georgia Tech)

Participants will also have access to a poster session highlighting the cutting-edge research being performed by Georgia Tech Paper Science & Engineering PhD students. 


DAY 1: April 1, Sessions A-B   1:00pm-3:45pm
Today's Agenda
Session A: "How Paper is Circular: Now and Future"
1:00pm (5 min)         Opening remarks and Welcome Carson Meredith and Chris Luettgen, (Renewable Bioproducts Institute)
1:05pm (15min)        Pat Lindner (WestRock)
1:21pm (15min)        Megan Robison (Printpack)
1:37pm (15min)        Caroline Gaudreault (NCASI) 
1:53pm (15min)        Panel Discussion  
2:09pm-2:25pm        BREAK

Session B: "Opportunities in Broadening Paper Packaging into Plastic Markets"
2:26pm (15min)        Nina Goodrich (GreenBlue)
2:42pm (15min)        Chris Muhlstein (Materials Science and Engineering/Georgia Tech)
2:59pm (15min)        Bernard Kippeplen (Electrical & Computing Engineering)
3:15pm (15min)        Jinwu Wang (Forest Products Laboratory)
3:31pm (15min)        Panel Discussion  

DAY 2: April 2, Sessions A-B 10:00am-12:00pm
Today's Agenda
Session A: "Challenges in Broadening Paper Packaging into Plastic Markets"
10:00am (15min)       Meisha Shofner (Materials Science and Engineering/Georgia Tech)
10:16am (15min)       Kathi Rowzie (Two Sides)
10:32am (15min)       Blair Brettmann (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering/Georgia Tech)
10:48am (15min)       Panel Discussion

Session B:   RBI Fellowship Students Poster Session in Gatherly
"Future Workforce: Company Needs and Student Training"
11:05am-12:00pm  Poster Session in Gatherly (an online engagement platform--details to be provided to registrants)