Bio LaunchPad Seminar

Ben Vollrath, Ph.D.
Chief Operating Officer
Amprion, Inc.

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Ben Vollrath, Ph.D., is a seasoned life science executive and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical and biotech companies. His expertise covers the gamut of developing biotech startups from inception to exit.

Until 2014, Vollrath served as CEO of Xetrios Therapeutics, an emerging biotech company focused on developing novel therapeutics for immunological disorders and cancer. Kolltan Pharmaceuticals acquired Xetrios in 2014. Before that, Vollrath spent over four years as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Avalon Ventures; a San Diego-based VC firm focused on developing early-stage life science companies.

Vollrath co-founded several biotech companies, including Afraxis (focused on CNS therapeutics, subsequently sold to Genentech for $187M), Carolus Therapeutics (focused on therapeutics for inflammatory diseases), and Otonomy (Nasdaq: OTIC, focused on therapeutics for diseases of the inner and middle ear).

Before Avalon, Vollrath was a scientist at Renovis, a San Francisco-based CNS drug discovery company, and Merck. Vollrath has broad experience managing virtual and semi-virtual research programs and is an inventor of over 40 patents or patent applications.