Special QBioS Seminar

“Modelling the Propagation of Epidemics with Diffusion”

Henri Berestycki, Ph.D.
Centre d’analyse et mathématique sociales
CNRS and École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS)
Paris, France

Zoom link for virtual participation

Including diffusion in the classical framework of SIR equations in epidemiology leads to reaction-diffusion systems. In epidemiology, diffusion arises under several guises. After reviewing some classical results, Prof. Berestycki will present recent works that deal with diffusion and were motivated by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. If time permits, he will talk about:

  • a model of spatial spreading of Covid 19 in France with diffusion on graphs 
  • the effects of fast diffusion on lines such as roads; and
  • the effects of individual behaviors and social diffusion on the dynamics of epidemics