Research Contacts

Georgia Tech is home to more than 2,500 faculty members who conduct research in hundreds of different areas. If you would like to contact an expert in an area that is not listed on this page, please use our online form. You will be quickly connected with an expert who can directly assist you.

Industry Collaboration and Research Opportunities

George White
Interim Vice President, Industry Collaboration
Phone: 404-407-6313
Email George White

Corporate Relations and Campus Engagement

Caroline G. Wood
Executive Director, Corporate Relations
Phone: 404-894-0762
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Research Areas Contacts

Bioengineering and Bioscience

Cynthia L. Sundell
Principal, VentureLab, Senior Director of Life Sciences, Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience
Phone: 770-576-0704
Email Cynthia Sundell

Communications and News Media Contact

Georgia Parmelee
Director of Research Communications
Email Georgia Parmelee

Data Engineering and Science

Srinivas Aluru
Institute for Data Engineering and Science
Phone: 404-385-1486
Email Srinivas Aluru

Information Security and Privacy

Gloria Griessman
Director of Commercialization and Industry Collaboration
Institute for Information Security and Privacy
Phone: 404-407-8516
Email Gloria Griessman

Electronics and Nanotechnology

Oliver Brand
Executive Director
Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology
Email Oliver Brand

Energy and Sustainable Infrastructure

Suzy Briggs
Director of Business Development
Strategic Energy Institute
Phone: 404-894-5210
Email Suzy Briggs

Manufacturing, Trade, and Logistics

Ben Wang
Executive Director
Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute
Phone: 404-894-9100
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Eric Vogel
Executive Director
Institute for Materials
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National Security

Marty Broadwell
Director, Business Strategy
Georgia Tech Research Institute
Phone: 404-407-6698
Email Marty Broadwell

People and Technology

Beth Mynatt
Executive Director
Institute for People and Technology
Phone: 404-894-4728
Email Beth Mynatt

Public Service, Leadership, and Policy

Denise Ward
Director of Communications
Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
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Renewable Bioproducts

Carson Meredith
Executive Director
Renewable Bioproducts Institute
Phone: 404-894-2082
Email Carson Meredith


Seth Hutchinson
Executive Director
Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines
Email Seth Hutchinson

Sustainable Systems

Michael Chang
Deputy Director
Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems
Phone: 404-385-0573
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