Frequently Asked Questions


Information in the “Specifications” block on a tool page is wrong (misspelt werds, wrong name, wrong room, wrong bldg., etc.).  How can I fix it?

Contact your department property manager. [URL] {email}          

Information in the “Categories” block on a tool page is wrong (not categorized, additional categories apply, etc.).  How can I fix it?

Email with corrected category, etc.  BE SURE TO INCLUDE CORRECT ASSET ID in the email.

Information in the “Parameters” block on a tool page is wrong (missing data, incorrect units, N/A fields, etc.).  How can I fix it?

Email with corrected data/units, etc.  BE SURE TO INCLUDE CORRECT ASSET ID in the email.

There is no picture on the tool page.  How can I add one?

Email it to  BE SURE TO INCLUDE CORRECT ASSET ID in the email.

What are the available categories?

The available categories can be found here.

Equipment does not fit into existing category.  Can a new category be created?

Email it to  If you would like a specific asset ID tied to the new category, please include that in your email.

What are the parameters that can be added to each tool?

The available parameters can be found here.

Can additional parameters be specified?

Yes.  Email to  If you would like to populate the field for a specific asset ID, include that in your email.

“Additional Information?”  What’s that parameter all about?

The motivation behind the “additional information” field is to serve as the narrative description of the tool.  This is the description likely included in the facility section of a proposal submitted by the tool custodian.  Since MED uses keywords and text matching, including as much detail as possible in this field is strongly encouraged.

Is there a limit on characters included in “additional information”?


When I type in the boxes, suggested words pop up.  If I keep typing and hit enter, it does not search.

You must click the suggested word then click the “search” button. 

How did this database get populated?

The “specifications” information comes from the “capital assets” and “sponsored property” GT campus databases.  These are commonly referred to as the “stickered property” database.  The “parameters,” “categories” and pictures are input by humans.  All three areas may contain data entry errors.  If you find errors, please refer to questions 1,2, and/or 3 above on how to correct the errors.

I found a tool, how can I use it?

Please contact the custodian directly (by clicking the "contact custodian" button on the individual tool page), and discuss your interests.

I don’t want to share my tool.  Please remove it from the database.

All “stickered” assets are contained in the database.  Sharing is not required, however.

My equipment is devoted to sponsored research.  Can it be shared?

No.  Sponsored property assets cannot be shared without prior sponsor approval.  This MUST come IN ADVANCE from the cognizant auditing authority – currently: Office of Naval Research (contact: for further details).

How does “text match” work?

The results returned from the “text match” field are from all available fields.  Wildcards are defaulted before and after.  For instance, if “electron” was typed in the search box; returns could include: Electron multiplier; variable electronic filter; optoelectronics; Sharp Electronics Inc., among others

Do I need to put the leading zeros when using the text match to find equipment via barcode sticker tag number?

No.  Please omit leading zeroes. Including leading zeroes will produce no results.

Are there any limits on search returns?

Yes.  We limit returns to 1,000 matches.  We could return all results, but most browsers do not render tables greater than 1,084 lines without freaking out.

I am using IE11 for my browser, and the search fields do not auto-populate.  Is IE supported?

IE11 is not supported currently.  All other browsers seem to work, and older versions of IE also work - just not v11.  IE11 will eventually work (once yahoo updates their search code to work with it).