Inside IBB's First Summer Art Show

Timothy Hunter and Chad Pozarycki

Timothy Hunter (left) poses with his fan favorite piece Free Thugger. Chad Pozarycki (right) tied for second place with his recreation of Ninety-Five Theses.

On Thursday, July 27, the Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience (IBB) held a highly anticipated summer art show. Co-hosted by IBB and BBUGS, the Bioengineering and Bioscience Unified Graduate Students, the art show featured over 70 submissions from members of the broader IBB community.

The art show proved to be a summer highlight and source of excitement in the community. Participants showcased their creative talents through diverse mediums ranging from oil paintings to photography and blues music. More than 350 attendees admired the art pieces and mingled while enjoying refreshments.

"The intention of the IBB Art Show was to bring the IBB and Georgia Tech communities together for a fun event to highlight the fantastic talents of our faculty, staff, and trainees," said IBB Executive Director Andrés J. García. "I was blown away at the tremendous response, beautiful and creative works of art, and fellowship that we shared in this special event."

A panel of judges selected the winners and attendees voted for a fan favorite award. García presented awards to the competition's winners, listed below. The winning submissions will be displayed at IBB. 

First Place

Madolyn Penuel – Executive assistant to the dean of the Scheller College of Business. Penuel has worked at Georgia Tech for more than six years. 

Artwork Title: Atlantis 

Medium/Description: Digital print on canvas, 16"x30"

Second Place (Tie)

Yenho Chen – Machine learning Ph.D. student and research assistant in the Signal and Information Processing Lab advised by Christopher Rozell. Research focus is on interpretable ML models for complex time series data. 

Artwork Title: Don’t Forget to Breathe 

Medium/Description: Digital video 

Chad Pozarycki – Ph.D. candidate in analytical chemistry and graduate student in the lab of Amanda Stockton studying analytical chemistry and applications of capillary electrophoresis to the detection of astrobiologically relevant small molecules.

Artwork Title: Ninety-Five Theses 

Medium/Description: Mixed media  door with a stack of thesis papers with a stake driven through them. 

Third Place

John McDonald - Emeritus professor, School of Biological Sciences, and director, Integrated Cancer Research Center.

Artwork Title: Touched by the Blues 

Medium/Description: Original music album 

Fan Favorite

Timothy Hunter – Graduate student at Georgia Tech in the lab of Will R. Gutekunst. 

Artwork Title: Free Thugger 

Medium/Description: 5'x4' oil portrait painting on canvas of a woman surrounded by various doodles found in a notebook. 


Madolyn Penuel

Madolyn Penuel poses with her piece Atlantis, which won first place. 

IBB summer art show

IBB's summer art show.

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