Convergence Innovation Competition (CIC) Showcase & Winner Announcement

The finalist projects from the Convergence Innovation Competition (CIC) will be featured during this GVU Brown Bag. Student teams are encouraged to attend the session to learn more about projects and network with campus and industry partners.

About the Competition 

The CIC encourages students to create innovative, viable products and experiences with the support of campus and industry resources and guidance. Areas of interest are determined by our campus, industry, and community partners. Winning entries will include a working end-to-end prototype which operates on converged services, media, networks, services, and platforms as well as a value proposition model.

As part of the competition, one team is awarded a Golden Ticket to participate in the Create-X Startup Launch program during the summer! Winning team members and runner up team members receive a prize for participating. The prizes vary each semester and typically include electronics and other unique items. The winning CIC teams go on to launch, commercialization, other competitions, as well as internship and job opportunities strengthened by their competition experience. CIC runs in the Fall and Spring semesters and is produced by GT-RNOC in the Institute for People and Technology (IPaT).

Learn more about the competition at the Convergence Innovation Competition website