Breakfast Club Seminar

"Broadening the Endocannabinoidome via Human Cytochrome P450s" - Aditi Das, Ph.D. - Georgia Tech

Aditi Das, Ph.D.
Associate Professor 
School of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Georgia Tech
The Das lab leads an exciting research program in the chemistry of lipid metabolism, an area of great fundamental interest and importance to our understanding of biochemistry, immunology, and cellular regulation. In particular, they focus on the fundamental chemistry of the biotransformation of lipids by enzymes. They delve into elucidating the mechanism of small molecules interaction with proteins such as cytochrome P450s, receptors, ion channels, hydrolases, and others. The small molecules used in their study are the following: endogenous lipids, exogenous lipids, phytocannabinoids and  drugs. 

They use several biophysical tools and analytical methods such as spectroscopy, microscopy, mass spectrometry, nanodiscs. Additionally, they elucidate the immuno-modulatory properties of these small molecules and delve deeper into their molecular pharmacology. 

Specific projects in the laboratory include the detailed study of the metabolism of endocannabinoids, a key lipid metabolite class that is growing in importance due to its role in control of pain and inflammation. These naturally-produced endocannabinoids derived from fatty acids mediate neurological processes and inflammation, and so are important in problems in neuroscience, addiction, aging, and immune signaling. Current and recent projects include studies of metabolite generation by metalloenzymes, regulation of cannabinoid receptor function, endocannabinoid interactions with pain receptors (TRP channels and cannabinoid receptors). Separately, the Das laboratory has interest in developing Nanodisc technology for the study and imaging of membrane proteins. In summary, the laboratory focusses on cytochrome P450s-mediated lipid metabolism and drug-lipid interactions.

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