Bio LaunchPad Symposium

"Navigating the Early Stages of Biotech Commercialization"


Daria Mochly-Rosen, Ph.D.
George D. Smith Professor in Translational Medicine
Stanford University

A two-day meeting delivering the basics of biomedical translational and commercialization work though the inspiring story of Daria Mochley-Rosen, Ph.D., founder of Stanford’s SPARK program.

The SPARK story will engage us in the need to learn about FDA regulatory approaches, patent claims, clinical trial designs and the many other domains that come together to bring a health technology to market. Following Mochley-Rosen, specialists will take us through case studies that show what can go wrong and how to avoid those missteps. We will also hear from successful company founders and investors who will share their stories.

All of these experienced guides will be available for discussions throughout the day.

Symposium website and link to complimentary registration HERE!