Bio LaunchPad Seminar

"Thriving with BioPharma"

Vincent Ling, Ph.D.
Senior Director
Takeda Center for External Innovation, Business Development
Takeda Pharmaceuticals

For the past 30 years, Vincent Ling, Ph.D., led successful groups in diverse biotechnology fields including cell devices, protein engineering, biosimilars, stem cell differentiation, checkpoint inhibitors and molecular evolution of antibody scaffolds. He has held leadership positions in large, mid-sized and start-up environments, creating practical biotherapeutics. His current interests lie in novel drug delivery technologies, which includes drug particles, energy guidance and biomaterial scaffolds. At Takeda, Ling currently serves as Senior Director within Search and Evaluation, Business Development, after directorship roles in external innovation and pharmaceutical sciences. Prior to Takeda, Ling was Head of Biological Sciences developing cell therapies for wet AMD at Neurotech. He has held positions including Vice President at Dragonfly Sciences, managing all scientific operations and marketing functions, Director of Molecular Genetics at Adnexus (Compound Therapeutics), and other scientific roles in Discovery Research at Genetics Institute and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.

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