28th NanoFANS Forum

Topic: Bio-microfluidics

Bio-microfluidics is an interdisciplinary field of research that combines microfluidics with the science of living systems, having applications ranging from medical diagnostics to targeted drug delivery. It is an emerging field of research aiding in the development of inexpensive, portable, disease detection systems / diagnostic platforms. Bio-microfluidics primarily rests on the pillars of cellular and molecular biology and microscale fluid mechanics. 

IEN’s 28th NanoFANS forum will explore the emerging trends in bio-microfluidics. Speakers will include Professor Shuichi Takayama, Ryan Zenhausern (Dahlman Lab), Professor Fatih Sarioglu, and Professor Andrei Fedorov from the Georgia Institute of Technology. They will discuss their current research activities in bio-microfluidics.  

Please register for the NanoFANS Forum by October 15, 2023. Lunch will be provided!   

After the talks, an optional tour of the state-of-the-art IEN Cleanrooms and labs will be available for interested participants. Please let us know if you are interested in taking a tour.    

For more information on the NanoFANS forum, please contact:    

Paul Joseph, Ph.D., MBA