Work Green with Campus Sustainability

Georgia Tech strives to be a leader in sustainability, a commitment that extends beyond teaching and research. The Office of Campus Sustainability’s Work Green certification program celebrates and supports Georgia Tech staff and faculty who contribute to campus goals by promoting sustainable practices in the workplace.

“Every member of the Georgia Tech community must play a role in preserving resources, reducing our environmental impact, and inspiring action toward sustainable outcomes,” said Anne Rogers, associate director for the Office of Campus Sustainability. “Work Green is entering into its second year, and we are very excited to build upon its successful launch to 15 offices in 2016.”

In order to achieve certification, faculty and staff must record their sustainable practices in areas including energy and water efficiency, waste management, engagement, safe and healthy environments, purchasing, transportation, and innovation. There are three levels of certification reflecting the percentage of sustainable practices implemented: Striving for Work Green, Certified Work Green, and Certified Gold Work Green.

Work Green participants will be:

1. Recognized for their leadership by the Office of Campus Sustainability on its social media channels, e-newsletter, and website.

2. Given a Work Green door decal to display in their office.

3. Supported by the Office of Campus Sustainability to implement additional sustainable practices.

4. Invited to special networking and learning events throughout the year.

Staff and faculty can learn more about the Work Green program at Applications will be accepted online between March 8 and April 21, 2017. You can email questions to:

News Contact

Sarah Neville
Sustainability Coordinator
Office of Campus Sustainability