Urban Air Quality in the Age of Climate Change: A IHE-LeaD Symposium and Workshop

urban air quality in the age of climate change.png

Are you interested in expanding your communication and outreach skills? Is your research looking at environmental health? We have a wonderful event opportunity for you to engage in!  

Workshop registration is now open for the IHE-LeaD symposium “Urban Air Quality in the Age of Climate Change," an interactive event connecting researchers, public leaders, and community advocates to discuss urban air quality and its consequences for human health, equity, and the environment.    

Workshops will take place on the morning of May 11, the first day of the two-day symposium at Georgia Tech.   We are offering three workshops:  

  • Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD)
  • How to Develop Your Science Communication Strategy
  • Social Impact of Technology: Mapping and Storytelling

Co-hosted by the IHE-Lead Program, the School of Economics, and the School of History & Sociology.