Guidelines for In-Person Undergraduate Research in the Fall Semester

These guidelines apply to laboratory spaces controlled by individual principal investigators (PIs). VIP and Maker Spaces and Design Labs, which involve group projects, peer mentoring, and program specific facilities, have developed facility- and program-specific guidance. GTRI has specific guidance for their facilities and employees (including co-ops and interns).

  • If the research can be performed remotely, it should be.
  • Undergraduate researchers should be those who are already familiar with lab operations and infrastructure, including core facilities. Exceptions should be rare and under conditions of appropriate supervision, low density of personnel, and maintaining appropriate physical distancing and PPE requirements. Undergraduate training on core facilities is at the discretion of the facility staff and with approval of the PI. Undergraduate training within a PI’s lab is at the discretion of the PI, requires the consent of the trainer, and adheres to all campus and EHS safety guidelines.
  • Undergraduate researchers count towards a PI’s lab occupancy with respect to the currently allowed level of research intensity on campus.
  • Priority should be given to those who are completing a senior thesis or those with similar deadlines that impact academic progress.
  • Student must be enrolled in research for credit or a paid student employee (including research fellowships, such as PURA). Exceptions (i.e. volunteers) must be approved by the School.
  • The PI must have a plan to accommodate undergraduate researchers receiving course credit in the event that undergraduates have to revert to working remotely.
  • The Director/Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies for each school should be informed of any undergraduate registering for course credit or volunteering.
  • The school and PI and facility can impose additional constraints based on the design of the research spaces to be used.
  • Undergraduate researchers require the same “back to the lab” COVID-19 on-boarding as all existing researchers and must adhere to all lab safety and campus-wide PPE requirements.
  • PIs have the final say on allowing any personnel into their research laboratory space.


Posted August 3, 2020