Occasionally, a researcher has been hired at Georgia Tech and wants to submit a proposal to a sponsor prior to their official start date.  In this situation, or in any other situation where someone who does not automatically qualify as a principal investigator (PI) would like to request PI status, the process is as follows:

  1. The researcher’s unit submits the request through GT-TRACS.  Select “Other – Transitional Faculty Memo” as the type of package, and then use the text below as the template for the information to be entered into the notes field (no formal memo is necessary).  The request should be routed to organization 120 (EVPR) for approval.
  2. The EVPR’s office will forward approved requests to the Office of Sponsored Programs.  Only one request per PI is necessary.

Note that Georgia Tech will not be able to accept an award on a PI’s behalf until after the researcher has begun their employment.


Template for requests:

Please approve (name) as a transitional faculty member to allow the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) to submit proposals for them as the PI or Co-PI.  They will officially join (unit) as a (title), effective (start date). 

This individual will/will not be a tenure-track faculty member upon arrival.  (If not, provide additional context for the request here.)


Review Georgia Tech’s PD/PI Eligibility Policy and Transitional PI/PD Policy.


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