Test Table

Forming Teams - Spring 2022

Project Georgia Tech Collaborators 
Computational Craft Community Team Building Anne Sullivan, LMC
Noura Howell, LMC
Sabetta Matsumoto, Physics
Michael Nitsche, LMC
Vernelle Noel, Architecture  
Team Forming and Testbed Prototyping for NSF Engineering Research Center for Connected Eldercare Jun Ueda, ME
Omer Inan, ECE
Patricio Vela, ECE
Greg Sawicki, ME
Aaron Young, ME
Tracy Mizner, Industrial Design
Sharon Sonenblum, ME
Stephen Sprigle, Industrial Design
Lena Ting, BME
Brian Jones, GTRI
Brad Fain, GTRI  
Center for cross transport processes in quantum materials Joshua Kretchmer, Chemistry/BioChem
Juan-Pablo Correa-Baena, MSE
Lauren Garten, MSE
Henry La Pierre, Chemistry
Martin Mourigal, Physics 
Resilient Task and Motion Planning for Heterogeneous Human-Robot Teams: Algorithm Design, Hardware Validation, and Open-Access Infrastructure Ye Zhao, ME
Harish Ravichandar, IC
Yue Chen, BME
Sonia Chernova, IC
Sam Coogan, ECE
Seth Hutchinson, IC
Patricio Vela, ECE
Chris William Wiese, Psychology
Tuo Zhao, ISYE
Anqi Wu, CSE 
Bayesian learning for interpretable neural connectivity Anqi Wu, CSE
Hannah Choi, MATH
Hang Lu, Chem-BME 
Advancing U.S. Fresh Market Berry Industry with an Ostrich Robot Yue Chen, BME
Ye Zhao, ME
David Hu, ME
Anqi Wu, CSE,
Frank Dellaert, IC
Ai-Ping Hu, GTRI 
Quantum computing for next-generation engineering simulation Spencer Bryngelson, CSE
Alexander Alexeev, ME
Jeff Young, SCS 
Co-Design of Electric Aircraft and Batteries for Next-Generation Aviation Matthew McDowell,ME
Brian German, COE/AE
Claudio Di Leo, COE/AE 
Environmental factors and their impact on sleep disparities in socioeconomically disadvantaged aging adults Eunhwa Yang, COD
Lauren Robb, COD
Ece Erdogmus, COD
Julie Boron, Gerontology 

Moving Teams Forward - Spring 2022

Project Georgia Tech Collaborators 
Moving the UPCycle Team forward Annalisa Bracco, EAS
Christopher Thomas, EAS
Karl Lang, EAS
Joseph Montoya, BIOL
Sabrina Grossman, CEISMC
Melten Alemdar, CEISMC 
On Building a Mixed Reality Story Café for Aging Well Hsiao-Wen Liao, Psychology
Leila Aflatoony, Industrial Design
Scott Robertson, IMTC  
Proximity Control of Quantum Properties Faisal Alamgir, ME
Lauren Garten, MSE
Asif Khan, ECE
Martin Mourigal, Physics Seung Soon Jang, MSE

Richard Utz, LMC
AJ Medford, ChBE
Claire Berger, Physics 
Building an Interdisciplinary Team to Study Cyber Conflict Nadiya Kostyuk, SPP/SCP
Alberto Dainotti, CS
Hans K. Klein, SPP
Frank Li, SCP/ECE
Jon Lindsay, SCP/INTA.
Amanda Meng, CS
Paul Pearce, SCP/CS
Brendan Saltaformaggio, SCP/ECE
Michael Best, INTA/IC