Telling Their Stories: The Everyday Georgia Project

Every day, lives around Georgia are changed because of research and technology from Georgia Tech — but we don’t always hear their stories.

Now, the Institute for People and Technology (IPaT), in partnership with the Georgia Tech Library and Office of the Arts, is telling a few of those stories through the Everyday Georgia project. Everyday Georgia is a collection of interviews and photographs of people from across the state who have worked with Georgia Tech in some capacity but aren’t directly affiliated with the Institute.

In her role as marketing communications manager for IPaT, Alyson Powell Key talks with researchers about their work all the time. Getting to talk to the sources behind those stories, though, was a new experience.

“A lot of times we focus on data, technology, or conferences, but on the other side are the people who are participating in our research,” she said. “It’s important that we get to know them and learn about their lives, their families, their careers, their challenges.”

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