Taking University R&D to Market - Lessons and Best Practices of Commercializing Deep Tech

Abstract: " ... any roadmap for successful commercialization of deep tech, especially related to manufacturing technologies is fraught with numerous unpredictable pivots resulting into almost 600% more failure rates than software startups. How can we mitigate the risk at every step and tread this journey ... is the core focus of this webinar ..."


Suresh Sharma, M.S.
Georgia Tech
Innovation Fellow for Interdisciplinary Research Institutes (IRIs) &
Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)

Monday, Jan. 30
12:00 - 1:00 PM Eastern Time
Location: Callaway/GTMI bldg,
Room 114

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Bio: Suresh Sharma is a former GE ‘executive-turned-entrepreneur’ who exemplifies a wide range of leadership and technology insights, and has hands-on understanding of the process of commercializing innovations, especially startups with deep tech. Recently, he co-authored “INDUSTRIALIZING INNOVATION – The Next Revolution”, a seminal business book published by Springer NATURE [2019]. This work lays down an operational, financial, and intellectual foundation for the future of venture capital, investments, and innovation ecosystems. His earlier best-selling book, “The 3rd American Dream” [2014] discusses the rising tide of entrepreneurship in millennials. At the core of his career, his passion is to build futuristic sustainable and profitable innovation ecosystems. During recent 6 years, he has closely worked with cutting-edge R&D teams to commercialize innovations in Energy, Digital Technologies, Sensors, Analytics, AI, Nanomaterials, Electronics, Manufacturing, Biotech and Biomedical areas; first as ‘Industry Fellow’ of Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) and an ‘Innovation Fellow’ at Georgia Institute of Technology for various IRIs (Interdisciplinary Research Institutes). Earlier, for over two decades: he led several game changing business initiatives in his tenures with General Electric Company (GE) including setting up various design, engineering, and manufacturing facilities in several countries. And later as an entrepreneur; he was President & CEO of four startups creating significant value in energy, power and healthcare. He has served on the boards of public and private companies, and a partner in VC/PE investment firms. Suresh has advanced education degrees  and professional training in business and engineering from USA, UK and India.