TAG Data Science and Analytics and Supply Chain, Logistics, and Manufacturing Presents: Transforming Supply Chains From Reactive to Predictive Using the Power of Data Analytics

Pascal- Data Science event

TAG's Supply Chain, Logistics & Manufacturing and Data Science & Analytics Societies are teaming up again to share how global organizations are navigating an increasingly complex challenge of evolving and dynamic disruptions. 

The world is still grappling with the effects of COVID-19 almost two years after coronavirus' first reported cases. Though, there has been opportunities to realign with vaccines, variants and other circumstances are keeping organizations on their toes. COVID is a major disrupter today, but there are others such as global warming that are re-shaping how organizations act, react, and pre-act.

Learn how some of the leading, global organizations are enabling supply chains with data science to not only survive the current global pandemic, but also to thrive into the future.

Meet our speakers:

Melissa Runge
VP Client Services & Implementation, Transportation Insight

Pascal Van Hentenryck
Associate Chair of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Georgia Institute of Technology

Erik LaValle
Digital Supply Chain & Customer Experience Technology Portfolio Leader, T-Mobile

Herman Wierenga
Chief Operating Officer, ORTEC


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