Submicron IR (O-PTIR) workshop

Submicron IR and simultaneous Raman microscopy with co-located fluorescence imaging: O-PTIR technology, recent advances, and applications overview

Please join Jay Anderson and Mustafa Kansiz to learn about a new cutting-edge IR microspectroscopic tool called the mIRage, using the breakthrough technique of Optical Photothermal Infrared (O-PTIR) spectroscopy – a new way of doing IR spectroscopy. O-PTIR is being used for a wide range of application areas and has led to many recent publications in high-impact factor journals for life science research (live cells, tissues, bacteria), microplastics, materials science, industrial failure analysis, and more.

Sample application examples of O-PTIR will cover life science research (live cells, tissues, neurodegenerative diseases, bacteria, bone), materials science, microplastics, industrial failure analysis, and more.

O-PTIR overcomes many limitations of current IR and Raman microscopes by providing these unique attributes:

  • <500nm IR spatial resolution, over 30x better IR spatial resolution than FTIR
  • FTIR Transmission-like spectra in reflection mode by measuring the response of IR absorption (no distortions, artifacts, or interference fringes)
  • Non-contact technique, suitable for thin (10’s of nm) to thick (many mm’s)
  • Live cell imaging in water
  • Combined and simultaneous Raman
  • Combined widefield fluorescence imaging for co-located O-PTIR measurements
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