Sponsored Research is one  type of sponsored project. Information about the various categories of sponsored projects, including research, is included below.    

A sponsored project is an activity that is sponsored, or funded, by an external organization, such as a federal, state, or private organization or agency. The characteristics of a sponsored project include: 

  • Specific scope of work or specific aims 
  • Financial accountability and/or reporting; the funds must be separately budgeted and accounted for 
  • Specific period of performance 
  • Deliverables, including a final technical report 
  • Disposition of property 

Research gifts have unique characteristics, and  are not sponsored projects. 

Sponsored Project Classification 

Sponsored projects are classified into three categories of Institute functions; these categories affect the calculation of Georgia Tech's  Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Rate. If there is a question about the appropriate project classification or F&A rate for a sponsored project, the  Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) will make the final determination. 

  • Sponsored Research  — Externally funded organized investigation or experimentation aimed at the discovery of generalizable new knowledge, the interpretation of facts, and/or the revision of accepted theories in light of new facts, or the testing of such new or revised theories. Includes the creation of new knowledge, tools and/or products. 
  • Sponsored Instruction — Externally funded teaching and training activities to include curriculum development as well as instructional activities, other than research training and education, whether offered for credit toward a degree or certificate, on a non-credit basis. 
  • Other Sponsored Activities — Externally funded projects and programs for which the activity is something other than research or instruction, as defined above. Includes providing existing services for public benefit, in essence, delivering existing services without creating any new knowledge, tools and/or products.   

Sponsored Project Administration Support 

Throughout the lifecycle of research projects, teams from a number of Institute Offices and affiliated organizations are in place to support researchers when it comes to stewardship of funds, resources, results, and intellectual property.

To highlight critical roles of a few of these teams, departmental grant administrators are the first line of support for faculty. OSP Contracting Officers serve as the institutional administrative contacts for sponsors and provide full-service support throughout the lifecycle of U.S. non-industry research grants and contracts, while the Corporate and International Contracting team is in place to assist with industry and non-US grants and contracts. The Exchange Agreements team is there to assist you with all of your Non-Disclosure, Materials Transfer, and Dual Use agreement needs. Grants and Contract Accounting manages sponsor invoicing and financial reporting.  

View a searchable list of the individuals in these departments and others, who are in place to support your research efforts, by accessing our Research Enterprise Support Network listing.

Sponsored Research Administration Task Guidance 

Learn more about common research administrative tasks:

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