Smart City Workshop Class

CP8873 C/ AE8803-SCW Fall 2020
Smart City Workshop - Digital twin systems design for Aerotropolis
Friday 8:00-10:45 am; Hybrid Hands-on


Perry Yang, Associate Professor, School of City and Regional Planning and School of Architecture

Dimitri Mavris, Regents Boeing Professor, School of Aerospace Engineering

Michael Balchanos, Research Engineer II of Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory, School of Aerospace Engineering

Airports and airlines are now in bad shape due to Covid-19. How will the airport city system be redesigned to become safer, cleaner, nimbler and more resilient to mitigate the impact, and adapt to future shocks? The Smart City Workshop in Fall 2020 aims to develop a smart city digital twin concept model of airport city around Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and surroundings. It envisions the post Covid-19 airport city to be a healthy, safe, green, accessible, connected, resilient and socially inclusive urban environment. The workshop applies a method of smart city digital twin including four enablers: 1) urban sensing system, 2) urban data analytics, 3) mobility modeling and 4) digital twin. It is an approach to designing a smart urban system from its sensing, data capturing, analytics and modeling to systems design. The core area of Aerotropolis Atlanta is seen as a living laboratory for research. The project will develop commons goals of performance criteria, including but not limited to the follows:

  1. Post Covid-19 airport city environment to be safer, resilient and socially inclusive.
  2. Fixing spatial mismatch between jobs and housing affordability of the ATL airport surrounding communities
  3. Smart mobility
  4. Near-zero energy and emission urban systems

Georgia Tech’s Smart City Workshop in 2020 will collaborate with Aerotropolis Atlanta CIDs (AACIDs), Hartsfield Jackson International Airport of Atlanta, MARTA and city authorities connecting to AACIDs. For more information:;

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Perry Yang, Associate Professor and Director of Eco Urban Lab, School of City and Regional Planning and School of Architecture