SEI Director Lieuwen Gives Congressional Briefing

The Georgia Institute of Technology brought a new focus on energy to the nation’s capital, specifically gas turbines and the industry’s positive effect on manufacturing as well as its impact on the economy as a job generator.  The “ Advanced Gas Turbines: Strengthening U.S. Leadership in Energy & Manufacturing” congressional briefing was held late September in Washington, DC. Tim Lieuwen, Strategic Energy Institute executive director, presented research during the briefing which was held to educate members of Congress engaged in issues related to natural gas development. Rep. Tom Reed (R - NY), co-chair of the bipartisan House Natural Gas Caucus, kicked off the event. The Caucus focuses on educating other members, staff and the public on this subject. Rep Reed is also the co-chair of the House Manufacturing Caucus which examines and promotes policies to help American manufacturers continue to lead the world in developing new industrial technologies.  

Gas turbines are a key platform technology that supports a wide variety of strategic applications and industry sectors, including Aviation (Civil & Military), Defense, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas Production and Distribution, and Power Generation. This briefing will highlight the key technological and economic challenges facing these sectors today, and the public policies necessary to ensure U.S. leadership in advanced gas turbine technologies.

In addition to Lieuwen, experts Mike Aller of the Consortium for Advanced Production and Engineering of Gas Turbines and Rotating Machinery; Thomas Prete of Pratt & Whitney; Kenneth Hall of Siemens; and Karen A. Thole from Penn State highlighted key opportunities and challenges facing the industry. 

The briefing was sponsored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Georgia Institute of Technology, Pennsylvania State University, Energy Florida, and the Gas Turbine Association in conjunction with the House Natural Gas Caucus and the House Manufacturing Caucus.

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Brent Verrill, Research Communications Program Manager, SEI