Round Two for SCMB Symposium

Round Two for SCMB Symposium flyer

The Southeast Center for Mathematics and Biology (SCMB) will host its annual SCMB Symposium at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Feb. 17-18, in the Marcus Technology Building.

In 2019, the inaugural event, also at Georgia Tech, had to be cut short due to inclement weather, but many of last year’s speakers are returning. SCMB Director Christine Heitsch is expecting a great turnout and a jolt of kinetic energy as a world-class community of researchers descends on the Georgia Tech campus to advance the mathematics of complex biological systems, highlighting the challenges and opportunities at the math-bio interface, and sharing their latest research.

The talks will be delivered at a colloquium level of detail, with the aim of engaging mathematicians and biologists alike.

“The research that will be presented at the symposium are motivating examples of the power of pursuing questions at the interface of math and biology,” says Heitsch, professor in the School of Mathematics at Georgia Tech. “And I’m very excited about the new ideas and synergy that will emerge from this event, where there will be lots of time to engage in casual discussions between the formal presentations.”

In addition to the scheduled talks, the symposium will include meals, snack breaks, and a poster session for maximum interaction.

The speakers are among the best and brightest in their field, from across the country:

The SCMB is one of four National Science Foundation (NSF) ­– Simons Research Centers for Mathematics and Complex Biological Systems. It is headquartered at Georgia Tech; other member regional institutions of the SCMB are the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tulane University, the University of South Florida, the University of Florida, Clemson University, and Duke University.

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