Roman Popil's book, "Physical Testing of Paper" now available

RBI-affiliated Senior Research Scientist Roman Popil has authored a new book now available, "Physical Testing of Paper."

This book reflects decades of the author’s experience as a research scientist and lab manager providing industry clients, manufacturers, product developers, marketing and distribution organisations with data to answer queries regarding product quality concerns, variability, runnability, convertibility and printability. The basic principles underlying the various testing methods are used to illustrate how their interrelationships lead to validated findings and solving problems.

This book covers the basic accepted standard industry mechanical tests supplemented by ultrasonic methods applied to examples of commercial and laboratory handsheet sample sets, presenting the testing technique, data and analysis.

Focus is concentrated on the tests that are most frequently required, such as tensile and compression strengths, stiffness for papers and corrugated board, and relevant water absorption characteristics. It is aimed at the interested paper industry technologist or researcher at an introductory level who wishes to establish a fundamental understanding of what the physical testing results mean, how to avoid common pitfalls and most importantly, how to interpret the results from a paper physics point-of-view.

Read more about Dr. Popil's work here.

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