Richard Dagenhart recipient of 16th Annual PEDS' Golden Shoe Award

<p>Richard Dagenhart</p>

Richard Dagenhart

Senior Lecturer Richard Dagenhart was given the PEDS’ Golden Shoe award for the course he developed on “Good Urbanism 101” with the Georgia Conservancy. The course has been taught for the last seven years all over the state of Georgia, reaching over 400 citizens, and emphasizes Dagenhart’s 10 lessons for designing cities.

PEDS has honored several people and places on an annual basis with the ‘Golden Shoe’ award. This year the award also honored Marian Liou for advocacy, Darin Givens for journalism, Walgreen’s for redeveloping the historic Olympia Building, and the City of Sandy Springs for its suburban retrofit. PEDS was founded in 1996 and is a small advocacy group dedicated to making Georgia communities pedestrian friendly.

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