Research Interns Selected for Summer 2024

IPaT Summer Interns 2024

Michael Best, executive director of IPaT (far left), welcomes IPaT's 2024 Georgia Tech summer research interns and their research mentors at a kickoff meeting.

Six students were hired for the 2024 summer research internship program created by the Institute for People and Technology (IPaT) in 2021. The summer program is an opportunity for students looking to gain real-world experience related to research and community engagement. For 2024, the internship program duration is 12 weeks (May 13th to August 2nd). All Georgia Tech students were invited to apply. This year’s summer interns will receive up to $7,000 for a full-time internship paid bi-weekly.

The six selected Georgia Tech students for IPaT’s 2024 summer research internship program, their projects, and their research mentors are:

  • Sameer Arora, sophomore majoring in computer science, who will work with Peter Presti, senior research scientist, on the prolonged exposure therapy iOS mobile app.
  • Seongjin Kim, sophomore majoring in electrical engineering, who will work with Celeste Mason, research scientist, on a passive haptic learning and rehabilitation project.
  • Nathan Lin, senior majoring in computational media, who will work with Peter Presti and Brian Jones, principal research scientist, on the Aware Home smart bathroom project.
  • Grace Littler, undergraduate majoring in architecture, who will work with Jennifer DuBose, executive director of the SimTigrate Design Lab. The SimTigrate Design Lab is an interdisciplinary research lab using evidence-based design to improve the medical experience for patients and providers.
  • Matthew Perry, junior majoring in computer engineering, will work with the Aware Home researching gait speed and the smart bathroom.
  • Shreya Sasmal, junior majoring in computational media, who will be working with Kala Jordan, research scientist, and Maribeth Coleman, director of research for IPaT, on an augmented reality/artificial intelligence project. 
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