Research Interns Selected for Summer 2023

IPaT’s 2023 summer research interns

IPaT 2023 Summer Research Interns: Clockwise starting from the top left, Ritu Atreyas, Corinne Cutts, William Dyches, Alexa Hanna, Geehoon Jung, Amrita Manickandan, and Suchir Sur

Seven students were hired for the 2023 summer research internship program created by the Institute for People and Technology (IPaT) created in 2021. The program is run in partnership with Serve-Learn-Sustain. The summer program is an opportunity for students looking to gain real-world experience related to research and community engagement. For 2023, the internship program duration is 12 weeks (May 15th to August 4th). All Georgia Tech students were invited to apply. This year’s summer interns will receive up to $6,000 for a full-time internship with stipends paid bi-weekly.

The seven selected Georgia Tech students for IPaT’s 2023 summer research internship program are:

  • Ritu Atreyas, junior majoring in computer science
  • Corinne Cutts, sophomore majoring in psychology
  • William Dyches, junior majoring in electrical engineering
  • Alexa Hanna, senior majoring in computer science
  • Geehoon Jung, junior majoring in computer engineering
  • Amrita Manickandan, junior majoring in computer science
  • Suchir Sur, junior majoring in mechanical engineering

Summer research projects available included:

* Aware Home: seeking students interested in evaluating, deploying, and integrating home sensing and automation tools and services to support research and demonstrations.

* Aware Home SmartBathroom Fixture Automation: seeking students interested deploying and configuring a home robotic research platform in the home to support research, academic, and demonstration capabilities. Read more about this project here.

* Coastal Equity and Resilience (CEAR) Hub: seeking students who are interested in working with diverse project teams addressing flooding on the Georgia coast. We are looking for application software developers, IoT sensor experience (e.g.Arduino), data analytics, community outreach and engagement, K-12 summer camp leads, etc.

* Esports User Research: seeking students for work in one of four projects relating to 1) novel fan experiences in mixed reality, 2) teamwork interventions to improve esport athlete performance, 3) health and safety support for esports athletes, and 4) scholastic gaming to support STEAM engagement in at-risk K-12 students."

* Augmented/Virtual Reality and Wearable Computing: seeking students interested in performing research and development in the areas of augmented/virtual reality and wearable computing. We are creating innovative systems to help diverse populations in the areas of work, healthcare, education, and entertainment.

* CellWatch is a mobile app that allows you to record, view, and analyze cellular connectivity. This app is part of a research project focused on measuring and characterizing the availability and quality of mobile broadband in rural areas. Through this project we hope to collaborate with rural and tribal communities in the US in order to inform policy and technological changes in the pursuit of digital inclusion. Building a mobile app (Android) that can record, view and analyze cellular connectivity. We are initially building a mobile app (Android) that can record, view and analyze cellular connectivity. It's a cellular speed test app. Students would help with Android, Kotlin software development for building this app. Students will also help to develop a web dashboard app; Javascript, React experience is needed and familiarity with integrating Google Maps in apps would help as well. 

* Other projects may be available

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