Ravindran Chosen for IEEE EDS Masters Student Fellowship

Prasanna Venkat Ravindran

Prasanna Venkat Ravindran

Prasanna Venkat Ravindran has received an IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS) Masters Student Fellowship. He is a Ph.D. student in the Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and is a member of the Electronics with Ferroelectric and Quantum Materials Lab. He is advised by ECE Assistant Professor Asif Khan.

Ravindran works on a group of functional materials called ferroelectrics. Ferroelectrics are currently used to design the next generation of memory and logic devices to deliver some of the most pressing hardware level demands for emerging computing paradigms. Ferroelectric Field Effect Transistors combine a ferroelectric material with a semiconductor transistor structure, providing a memory-compute element and possessing a rich device physics making it one of the most versatile transistor technologies. He studies the physics of these materials to help design better devices and exploit the various phenomenon of these materials to push the limits of computing technology. 

Ravindran also studies negative capacitance, a phenomenon exhibited by ferroelectrics and antiferroelectrics, which can lead to ultra-low power computing by reducing the energy dissipation in CMOS technology below the fundamental thermodynamic limit.

Ravindran graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad with a B. Tech. in Electrical Engineering in 2019, and he joined the Electronics with Ferroelectric and Quantum Materials Lab later that same year.

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