Episode 7: Low Resource Ventilator

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Episode Summary

Cade Cashen and Jim Perkins of the GTRI/SEAL talks to podcast host Scott McAtee about a practical Low Resource Ventilator they developed in 2020 using common parts found in any hardware or auto parts store.

Talking Points

  • Cade Cashen’s wife, a nurse, was concerned about the initial availability of ventilators and their high cost during the early stages of this pandemic and challenged Cade to see if there was a less expensive alternative.

  • Cade and Jim successfully submitted a GTRI IRAD to investigate a solution. After exhausting those funds, GT funded an additional $25,000 to continue the work.

  • Collaborating with a respiratory therapist to understand the function of a ventilator, they found all of the materials need to build a working model were available at hardware and auto part stores.

  • They eventually built two versions of the ventilator whose final cost were approximately $350, compared to $50,000 for a commercial ventilator.

  • Anyone can see the ventilator by coordinating with Cade Cashen. A video of the functioning ventilator can be seen on the GTRI YouTube channel.
    A full set of instructions and a bill of materials is available on BOX.



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