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Episode Summary

Kristi Campbell, ATAS Marketing and Event Manager, speaks to policy changes that have been made in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and provides guidance related to the changes.

Talking Points

  • GTRI Visitor Policy
    • Only essential visitors are allowed on GTRI property. Essential visitors include:
      • US government sponsors
      • GTRI sub-contractors
      • Essential personnel needed to continue critical operations
    • Essential visitors MUST follow all COVID-19 policies and procedures before coming on-site and while on site.
    • All visitors must adhere to contact tracing policies in the event that they come in contact with someone that is COVID-19 positive on site.
  • New GTRI Meeting Protocols
    • All conference rooms were spatially analyzed to determine max capacity according to CDC guidelines
      • The meeting organizer is responsible for ensuring the meeting room is sanitized, has the proper PPE supplies and that participants follow all COVID-19 guidelines.
  • GTRI Phase 3 – Working on-site
    • Flexible schedule or split shift schedule options are available to all employees. You must reach a schedule agreement with your manager and complete/submit the following forms on WebWise by January for Phase 3:
      • Flexible working arrangement agreement
      • Telecommuting agreement
  • Procedures/Polices for catering food in meetings
    • Pre-packagedboxesorbagsoffoodforeachattendeeissuggested(includingpre-packednapkins and utensils)

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  • General COVID-19 questions and situations:



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