Pivoting JTEKT’s Product & Manufacturing in Light of Electrification in Transportation

Abstract: JTEKT is a top 20 global Automotive supplier and a maker of steering & driveline systems, bearings, and machine tools.  As the transportation sector transitions to electrification, JTEKT must adapt its products, and its manufacturing, to meet customers needs.  Demand may decline for some products, while new products will be developed and launched that require new capabilities.  JTEKT’s Technical Center in Greenville, SC is currently working to identify new product opportunities that fit our design & manufacturing capabilities and to identify gaps that we need to close.

Bio: The first 20+ years of my career involved broad experience improving manufacturing competitiveness and developing technology from advanced development as a technical specialist to strategic decision-making as a member of global Operations leadership. For the past few years, I’ve been involved in developing and expanding our approach to innovation in new product development.  I am currently the Director of Engineering and Innovation at JTEKT’s Greenville, SC Technical Center. 

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