Pediatric Tech Talk Webinar

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"Revolutionizing Pediatrics: Innovations in Medical Device Design and Development"

Join us for our upcoming Pediatric Tech Talk Webinar, hosted by Leanne West. This captivating online event features industry experts Amy Leiter and Saylan Lukas, sharing invaluable insights into pediatric medical device innovation and the commercialization process. 

Amy Leiter, Executive Director of Strategy at GCMI, brings 15 years of healthcare and healthcare technology expertise. Passionate about serving the pediatric community due to her personal connection with her daughter who has special needs, Amy's visionary approach and knowledge of the healthcare supply chain makes her a standout. 

Saylan Lukas, Director of Design & Development Engineering at GCMI and a research faculty member at Georgia Institute of Technology, has 15 years of experience in medical device design and development. His illustrious career includes leading groundbreaking projects, showcasing his expertise and captivating attendees. 

This webinar benefits anyone interested in pediatric medical device innovation and the commercialization process. Whether industry professionals, healthcare providers, or aspiring innovators, participants gain insights and knowledge from seasoned experts. 

Attendees will learn about the early stages of innovation, successful commercialization, factors hospitals consider when selecting innovative products, and the evolving landscape of working with hospitals. This knowledge empowers attendees to navigate the pediatric medical device innovation landscape with confidence. 

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