The Research Enterprise Support Network

Our research enterprise support network extends far beyond the departments that have the word Research in their title. Research leadership from across the Institute steers teams of central and departmental research administration and development experts together in support of our researchers.

Want to know more about how each of these groups contributes in supporting research at Georgia Tech?

Leadership – The research leadership team works in concert with the College Deans and School Chairs to advance the research agenda. The Associate Deans of Research (ADR) are an integral linkage between the colleges/units and central research support teams. The ADRs are:

EVPR Office Team – The EVPR Office operationalizes and implements central institute research support services, programs, and projects.

Corporate Relations - The Corporate Relations team advocates for Georgia Tech by building broad-based, long-term institutional partnerships between the Institute and the corporate community. If you’re looking to partner with Georgia Tech as a means to engage and recruit top students, this is the first stop.

Enterprise Innovation Institute - The Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI2) is Georgia Tech’s business outreach organization and serves as the primary vehicle to achieve Georgia Tech’s goal of expanded local, regional, and global outreach in the area of economic development.

(EI2) includes the following units:

  • Economic Development Lab - The Economic Development Lab (EDL) helps communities and organizations apply innovative ideas to economic development.
  • Georgia Advanced Technology Ventures -  Georgia Advanced Technology Ventures (GATV) is a Georgia non-profit corporation that is organized and operated exclusively as a supporting organization to and for the benefit of the Georgia Tech. Its primary purpose is to foster and support education, scientific research, and economic development throughout the state of Georgia.
  • Occupational Safety & Health Services - Occupational Safety & Health Services (SHES) provides outreach, education, and consultation to Georgia small businesses.
  • Georgia Manufacturing Extension Partnership - The Georgia Manufacturing Extension Partnership (GaMEP) works with manufacturers to innovate, increase top-line growth Helps manufacturers increase top-line growth and reduce bottom-line costs through strategic planning, innovation management, process improvement, ISO standards, sustainability, and energy services.
  • Advanced Technology Development Center - The Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) The state of Georgia’s technology incubator that helps entrepreneurs learn, launch, scale, and succeed in the creation of strong, viable startups in Georgia.
  • VentureLab - VentureLab supports Georgia-based start up businesses by providing guidance, funding, and best practices information- all, at no cost to the business.

Federal Relations - The Federal Relation team promotes Georgia Tech among federal decision-makers, and national education and research policy organizations. The team advocates for strong support of federal research funding, federal financial aid programs, and Georgia Tech faculty participation in federal advisory roles.

Foundation Relations - The Foundation Relations team promotes Georgia Tech research by engaging with the philanthropic community.

Georgia Tech Research Institute  - The Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) is the nonprofit, applied research division of Georgia Tech. GTRI research laboratories include:

Georgia Tech Research Corporation - The Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC) is the contracting entity for all sponsored activities for colleges and other units at Georgia Tech that are not part of the Georgia Tech Research Institute, the applied research division of the institute. It also licenses all intellectual property developed at Georgia Tech through its Office of Industry Engagement.

Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation - The Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation (GTARC) provides contracting, grant, and research administration services for the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), a business segment of Georgia Tech committed to applied research.

Global Center for Medical Innovation - The Global Center for Medical Innovation (GCMI) is a fee-for-service provider advising Fortune 500, start-up, academic and government-funded innovators to accelerate the development, testing, and commercialization of medical products and devices. 

Grants and Contract Accounting - The Office of Grants & Contracts Accounting (GCA) provides post award accounting and reporting services related to sponsored programs managed, by all academic units of the Institute, excluding the Georgia Tech Research Institute, which has its own financial support unit.

Industry Collaboration - The Office of Industry Collaboration (OIC) engages with companies to assess marketing opportunities and develop corporate access strategies. If you’re interested in advancing your company’s relationship with Georgia Tech through a specific, large-scale, project or public-private collaboration opportunity, OIC is there to help.

Industry Engagement - The Office of Industry Engagement (OIE) advances Georgia Tech research through the commercialization and licensing of technology and intellectual property. OIE is part of GTRC. If you’re looking to use Georgia Tech discoveries or technologies to fuel your business, here is where you can start.

Interdisciplinary Research Institutes - Interdisciplinary Research Institutes (IRI) bring together a mix of researchers – spanning colleges, departments and labs – around a single multi-disciplinary research area. Most IRIs offer grant proposal support services for multi-PI proposals within their area of interest. Some also offer core equipment centers.

Pediatric Technology Center - The Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Pediatric Technology Center (PTC) brings clinical experts together with Georgia Tech scientists and engineers to develop technological solutions to problems in the health and care of children. The Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Pediatric Technology Center provides extraordinary opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration in pediatrics, creating breakthrough discoveries that often can only be found at the intersection of multiple disciplines.

Research Development - The Office of Research Development provides strategic guidance as well as practical support for development of large-scale research funding proposals.

Research Integrity Assurance - The Research Integrity Assurance team works with faculty oversight committees and boards to promote the ethical conduct of research and to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements relating to research involving human subjects, vertebrate animal subjects, rDNA, synthetic nucleic acids, and export controlled research. 

Sponsored Programs - The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) provides guidance in developing, processing, and submitting formal proposals and grant applications for sponsored research. The Office also assists with post award contracting and grants administration education and outreach. OSP is part of GTRC.

Departmental/Unit Research Support Teams – Colleges, schools, and other larger research-focused units frequently have their own dedicated pre- and post-award support teams. These teams collaborate with researchers and other central research support units such as the Office of the Executive Vice President for Research, the Office of Sponsored Programs, and Foundation Relations, to ensure successful timely submission of grant proposals and reporting.