NNCI Innovation and Entrepreneurship Webinar: How to Engage with Diverse Student Populations in Entrepreneurship

Featuring Jacquez Chirazi, Christine Liou and Yves Theriault from UC San Diego

"If students just knew we existed!" No matter the size or budget, boosting program awareness on campus is one of the highest ranked interests for entrepreneurship centers in our community. The webinar will feature Jacques Chirazi and Christine Liou who will share how “Blackstone LaunchPad” and “The Basement” at University of California–San Diego has built an active pipeline of student engagement from all backgrounds. Jacque and Christine will be joined by host, Yves Theriault, who has mentored diverse student/postdoc teams that have won first place in back-to-back nanotechnology entrepreneurship challenges offered through the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure. This webinar will offer: 

  • Strategies for boosting campus-wide awareness: Uncover innovative tactics to ensure every student, regardless of their major or background, is aware of the opportunities your entrepreneurial program has to offer.
  • How to engage a diverse range of students: Learn successful community-building tactics that extend beyond traditional outreach efforts.
  • The key to fostering a sense of belonging in your ecosystem: Discover how to build a supportive, collaborative, and innovation-focused ecosystem that encourages participation from all corners of the campus

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