NNCI Education Webinar: The SEMI Foundation - Building a Bridge Between Industry and Academia

This event has been canceled. 

Featuring Shari Liss, Executive Director, SEMI Foundation

Abstract: With over 230,000 new workers needed to double American semiconductor production, the SEMI Foundation leverages its relations with over 2,500 SEMI member companies to act as a convener and facilitator between industry and academia. In light of the challenges posed by the reshoring and growth of the microelectronics industry in America, the SEMI Foundation focuses on workforce development (WFD) initiatives that support the industry holistically. Shari Liss will showcase the SEMI Foundation's existing resources such as the SEMI career exploration site, its current work building a career and apprenticeship network in partnership with educators and government agencies, as well as a variety of WFD programs that include support for transitioning veterans. This seminar will also explore potential opportunities for collaboration with NNCI sites, including K-12 outreach and mentoring programs to connect students with industry professionals.
Bio: As executive director of the SEMI Foundation, Shari Liss is responsible for driving the SEMI Strategic Initiatives for workforce development. Specifically, she provides leadership to the SEMI Foundation with sustainable programs that attract and fill the global electronics industry talent pipeline. Liss is also responsible for leading Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. Through her leadership, the SEMI Foundation has successfully implemented a number of workforce development initiatives for the microelectronics industry, including an industry image and awareness campaign to raise the visibility of the industry. Liss' leadership has also resulted in progress across state- and federally-funded initiatives, and she is involved in most semiconductor workforce consortiums across the nation.

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