NNCI Computation Webinar: Silvaco Technology CAD, Background, Overview and Future

Featuring Eric Guichard, SVP and GM of TCAD Silvaco, Inc.

Abstract: As one of only a few generic TCAD providers, Silvaco TCAD simulation solution covers the full spectrum, from circuit simulation size, using Victory TCAD, to nanometric size using Victory Atomistic, an NEGF based quantum transport simulation solution inherited from Purdue University. The addition of Machine Learning and AI, to process significantly more data than before, combined with compute power and parallelization, offers the best in class TCAD simulation solution today. We will start this webinar by a brief introduction of the Silvaco company then discuss TCAD background (What is TCAD?, Why use TCAD?, and Challenges) then review the Silvaco TCAD solution with application examples in market segments of Power, Display, and CMOS before concluding with a discussion around AI and Digital twin.

Bio: Eric Guichard, Ph.D., has served as Silvaco’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of TCAD division since November 2012, and as Silvaco’s Vice President of Applications from July 2008 to November 2012. From September 1995 to July 2008, Guichard served in various roles with Silvaco SA, formerly known as Silvaco Data Systems, one of Silvaco’s wholly-owned subsidiaries, including as an applications engineer. Guichard received a M.S. in material science and a Ph.D. in semiconductor physics from Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble, France.

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