New Fellowships Support High-Impact Cybersecurity Research

Composite image of 5 faculty members. Top: Brendan Saltaformaggio, Fan Zhang. Bottom: Saman Zonouz, Chuck Zhang, Iris Tien
CoE Cybersecurity Fellows 2023

Five faculty members will help grow the College of Engineering’s work in high-impact cyber-physical systems security (CPSS) as new Cybersecurity Fellows.

Fellows represent expertise in a variety of areas of CPSS, which addresses risks where cyber and physical worlds intersect. That includes the Internet of Things, industrial systems, smart grids, medical devices, autonomous vehicles, robotics, and more.

“As devices, systems, and the world continue to become more connected, cyber-related threats that were traditionally limited to the digital domain have made their way to physical systems,” said Raheem Beyah, dean of the College, Southern Company Chair, and a cybersecurity expert. “The College of Engineering has world-renowned cybersecurity and artificial intelligence researchers. This new cohort will continue to expand the College’s breadth of expertise and leadership in CPSS.”

Meet the researchers on the College of Engineering website. 

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